I work from my home studio in Cheshire, sharing the space with my Cocker Spaniel and a growing collection of succulents and cacti. I’ve been politely described as “multi-disciplined” which sounds way better than “does loads of different stuff” but amounts to pretty much the same thing. Pencil drawings, printmaking and digital medium make up the majority of my work for both commerical and private comissions. If you’d like to commission a portrait or an illustration then drop me a line via email or social media.


It is important for me to try and capture the individuality of each subject. To do this I focus on detail, sometimes isolating the subject to further emphasise it. Pencils are perfect for this, combined with a reduction technique they help me create portraits with personality and realism.


When you say “linocut” to some people, they flash back to possibly the darkest days of school art lessons. Stale and brittle lino, blunt tools and ‘V’ shaped stab marks in your thumb! In reality it’s a lovely, theraputic and free-flowing way to create. I find theres an amazing looseness to linocut but it still allows for great detail which lets me play with a much more ‘illustrative’ style with my print. 


Clients ranging from a local startup micro-brewery to a primary school PTA. My illustration work may have one or more of the ‘traditional’ mediums incorporated (such as pencil, pen & ink, watercolour or gouache), be entirely digital or a combination. Digital work is completed in a variety of applications including Adobe CC suite, my artwork is web and/or print ready, for processing by your professional printer of choice.